Ahead of the Action

Be ahead of the rating action: RATING©WATCH is all about what could be the trigger for a reassessment. What drives upgrades and what drives downgrades? The focus is on the moment when new data give cause for re-evaluation.

Waiting for an initial watchlist announcement of a recognized credit rating agency can be too late. Loss of value can already have occurred in the case of unfavorable events, price increases can already have anticipated favorable events.

This is not only true for credit ratings, but the same applies to ratings for all other asset classes. RATING©WATCH is not limited to debt securities.

Ratings are well known for the three main asset classes, equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), and cash equivalent or money market instruments. Most investment professionals also include real estate, commodities, futures, other financial derivatives, art and even cryptocurrencies to the asset class mix.

There are no routine reports on this website as they are regularly prepared by rating agencies and research houses. There are also no mere updates with new statistical figures. It is all about key moments and the reasons for re-evaluation, devaluation und revaluation.

Since derivatives are financial contracts whose value is merely linked to the value of an underlying asset, RATING©WATCH focuses on the asset.

This website is intended for professional users only, not for individual consumers who organize their finances. Our information is not about your personal financial problem. Nothing on this website is an investment recommendation and we do not provide any legal or tax advice. RATING©WATCH is about ratings as they are required by professional investors for their investment analysis and by organizations for their financing decisions.

This website RATING©WATCH is only about the opinions of our respective authors on events that could be a reason for a revision of the previous assessment for the issuer or issues or other assets concerned.