Iberdrola Signs its Largest Green Loan in the Amount of €1 Billion with the Guarantee of an Export Credit Agency

Iberdrola is once again taking a decisive step towards green financing. The company chaired by Ignacio Galán has signed its largest green loan with Banco Santander for an amount of €1 billion, which in turn is backed by an Export Credit Agency (ECA). The loan has a maximum term of 15 years.The funds will be used mainly to finance Iberdrola’s orders to suppliers of turbines for offshore and onshore wind farms for Iberdrola’s projects in Spain, Poland, Greece, Germany and the UK.Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) exclusively manage credit and investment insurance on behalf of States, covering political, commercial and extraordinary risks associated with internationalisation. The guarantee mechanism for the green loan will be provided by the Export Credit Agency, while the funds for the operation will come from Banco Santander. This green loan will strengthen the diversification of Iberdrola’s financing sources.

Iberdrola signs its largest green loan in the amount of €1 billion with the guarantee of an Export Credit Agency – Iberdrola

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Dr. Oliver Everling

Independent since 1998, he is Managing Director of RATING EVIDENCE GmbH. As visiting professor of Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, former chairman of the supervisory board of a rating agency, advisory board member, advisor, member of rating committees, chairman of ISO-TC Rating Services, author or publisher of books and a magazine, Independent Non-Executive Director under EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies, he has been or is involved in ratings from a variety of perspectives. Previously, he was for 6 years department director at Dresdner Bank and, until 1993, managing director of the Projektgesellschaft Rating mbH after a doctorate at the banking and stock exchange seminar of the University of Cologne.

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